• Ian O'Gorman

Kilcornan Tidy Towns Action Group

The Garden Bird Survey has moved into the second week. The bird books are out as we try to identify more and more species. So far almost twenty different species have been recorded.

Our Bird of the Week for 11 December 2017 is the Blackbird. In the 2015/2016 survey it was recorded in 98.5% of the gardens surveyed. The Blackbird is a member of the Thrush family. The glossy black male is easy to recognise but the brown female is easily confused with other thrushes despite her browner plumage. Most gardens have a pair of thrushes so keep an eye out this week for himself and herself! Let us know if you see them.

Operation Willow: So far we have distributed 45 Willow cuttings. As previously noted they are some of the best for early food for bees. Many more cuttings are available free so contact us if you want some.


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