• Ian O'Gorman

Kilcornan Tidy Towns Action Group Update

Now that the Winter Cleanup has been completed we thank again all who helped and ask everyone to monitor litter on a regular basis. Remember the litter line phone nos.: 1800 201151 and 496200 and report dumping if you see it.

Time for a few more projects:

(1) National Garden Bird Survey 2017 runs from December to February and is organised by BirdWatch Ireland to monitor the welfare of birds in our gardens. The survey entails keeping note of the highest number of each species in your garden weekly. If you would like to be part of our Tidy Towns group carrying out the survey please contact Lyn Nolan at 087-6119048 before the end of November. Alternatively you can carry out the survey yourself by contacting BirdWatch Ireland or checking their website.

(2) Operation Willow: The Willow tree is one of the best trees for wildlife. It flowers early in the year providing a valuable source of early nectar and pollen for bees when they emerge from their Winter hibernation. It is only second to oak in terms of the number of species that it supports. We have access to a large number of cuttings and hope to distribute them over the next few weeks. It would be fantastic if we could gets lots of them planted around the parish, not necessarily in gardens. Please contact any member of the committee for the cuttings or ring Lyn Nolan at 087-6119048.

(3) Plastic bag composting: Sounds like a really simple way to make compost....gather leaves into plastic bags and tie the bags loosely ( to make it easy to open them for checking later), punch holes all around the bags to let in air, then store either outdoors or indoors. Hopefully by Match you'll have lots of lovely compost for your plants.

Finally good news from Minister Michael Ring in the Department of Rural Affairs: To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Tidy Towns and to acknowledge all the voluntary work done by Tidy Towns groups around the country, the Department is grant aiding groups in the coming year.

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