• Ian O'Gorman

Kilcornan Tidy Towns Actions Group Update

Winter cleanup:

As the weather forecast for our designated cleanup day Saturday 11 November was for continuous rain, we worked around it and went out on Friday and Sunday instead. A big thanks to all who came out and helped. It was great to see neighbours taking responsibility for their own road as that is the ideal (apart from no one littering in the first place!). The result was over a dozen bags of rubbish collected over the weekend as well as eight on the Bank holiday weekend on the Pallaskenry road.

Black spot: A major black spot is the road from Boherbuoy junction on the N69 to Pallaskenry village. Lots of fast food cartons, bottles, coffee cups etc just carelessly dumped out of cars passing that way. Could it be locals?

We recommend strongly that anyone noticing such behaviour record the car registration and, if possible, take a photo before contacting the litter line at either 1800 201 151 or 496200. Limerick City and County Council are quite willing to follow up on such reports as they have already done for us.

October meeting:

As we had to postpone our meeting because of Hurricane Ophelia we rescheduled it for Tuesday 24 October 2017. Six members attended the meeting. We reviewed our results and our progress over the last year. We set up a research group to increase our knowledge in the different categories to help us come up with appropriate projects for 2018.

We decided to hold our AGM on Tuesday 16 January 2018 to have the new committee in place early in the year. We also decided to hold a Winter cleanup on Saturday 11 November 2017.

Information evening:

On Wednesday 25 October we hosted the Gardening for Wild Flowers information evening in Kilcornan Community Centre in conjunction with Living Limerick. The two speakers, Seán Hartigan from Living Limerick and Albert Nolan, resident naturalist with the Limerick Leader, spoke of the challenges involved in effecting a change of mindset with regard to the necessity and benefits of wild flowers for the future of our pollinators as the bees, butterflies and moths are a vital link in the production of our food. They presented some beautiful slides on wild flower projects which demonstrated to all the beauty of planting such flowers. They emphasised the importance of delaying grass cutting to allow the flowers to bloom and to leave sections uncut to facilitate the pollinators. Hopefully we will see lots of wild flowers blooming in Kilcornan in 2018. Thanks to those who attended on the night.

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