• Ian O'Gorman

Curraghchase Halloween Spooktacular

!!Now Sold Out!!

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Come test your wits and bravery this Halloween and have a haunted experience like never before deep within Curraghchase forest. From headless horsemen, haunted spirits and of course the white lady herself, Curraghchase has an endless list of terrifying stories and experiences. Now for the first time ever you will have access to the old historic forest and the infamous white lady trail and witness first hand who or what haunts the woods at night! While we will provide you with knowledgeable guides to help you through the 1.4KM trail we cannot protect you from what you may encounter as you go deep into forest. Many aren't brave enough to walk the CurraghChase woods any night of the year .....are you brave enough to walk the white lady trail on October the 23rd! It will be an experience you will never forget!

Ticket price covers entry to Curraghchase forest park, guide through the white lady trail and BBQ afterwards at CurraghChase caravan park to recall your experience and soak up the Halloween atmosphere. While the event is open to all ages, customers should know that the white lady trail is designed to terrify all who attend and children must be brought on the trail with parents supervision. It promises to be a unique experience in one of Ireland's most haunted locations so if you think you have what it takes then register you and your friends online to avoid disappointment.

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