Last Man Standing Progression Table November 2014 Round 2 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 08 November 2014 13:44

We have the international weekend this week so no fixtures till November 22nd



Name GW 1 GW 2
Kevin O Keeffe Soton Chelsea>>>
John O Keeffe Soton Man City>>>
Richard Bourke Soton Newcastle>>>
Aubrey Murnaghan Soton Stoke
Alan O Gorman Soton Chelsea>>>
Paul McDonagh Soton Stoke
Jimmy Hanafin Soton Chelsea>>>
Karol Downey Man U Chelsea>>>
Kevin Sheehan Man U Chelsea>>>
Tony Greene Man U Chelsea>>>
Keith Higgins Man U Chelsea>>>
Shane O Leary Man U Chelsea>>>
Dan Moore Soton Stoke
Dave Downes Soton Chelsea>>>
Ross Ahern Soton Stoke
Ian Sheehy   Soton Chelsea>>>
Paul Hennessey Soton Chelsea>>>
Colin O Callaghan Soton Stoke
David Dolan Soton Stoke
Con Downes Man U Man City>>>
Franny Walsh Soton Man City>>>
Tommy McDonagh Soton Liverpool
Ian O Gorman Man U Chelsea>>>
Chris Enright Soton Chelsea>>>
Ronan Hanley Soton Chelsea>>>
Steven Downey Soton Man City>>>
Mark O Connell Soton Newcastle>>>
Teddy Twohig Soton Chelsea>>>
Wes Mann Soton Chelsea>>>
Mike Kelly Man U Chelsea>>>
Brian Twomey Soton Chelsea>>>
MJ O Shaughnessy Soton Spurs>>>
Tony Walsh Man U Everton>>>
Denis O Neill Man U Chelsea>>>
Ian Sheehy [Wyeth] Soton Chelsea>>>
Tim Mulvihill Soton Chelsea>>>
Diarmuid Maguire Soton Stoke
Noel Kennelly Soton Chelsea>>>
Deirdre O Shea Man U Chelsea>>>
Mick Moloney Man U Man City>>>
John O Brien Soton Newcastle>>>
Carl Martin Soton Newcastle>>>
Fergal Nash Man U Chelsea>>>
Daniel Falvey Man U Chelsea>>>
Donal O Shaughnessy Man U Stoke
Blaine Collins Man U Chelsea>>>
Paul McElligett Soton Chelsea>>>
Ian Lee Soton Stoke
Kieran Reddan Soton Chelsea>>>
Noel Forde Soton Stoke
Pat McMorrow Man U Chelsea>>>
Derek Meade Soton Man City>>>
Donie Griffin Man U Chelsea>>>
Jackson Griffin Soton Chelsea>>>
Liam Galvin Burnley Newcastle>>>
Kevin Walsh Soton Stoke
John O Gorman    Soton Chelsea>>>
Dan Ivess Man U Chelsea>>>
Jason O Shaughnessy Man U Chelsea>>>
Rob O Shaughnessy Soton Newcastle>>>
Ger Larkin Man U Chelsea>>>
Liam Barry Man U Chelsea>>>
Ken Donoghue Man U Chelsea>>>
Terry Madigan Man U Stoke
Maurice O Connor Man U Stoke
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Kilcornan AFC Notes - Sept 15th 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 September 2014 08:27



For up to date notes and match reports from Kilcornan AFC teams please check out the Soccer section of the website or follow the links below


Congratulations to Donie Griffin who won the previous round of Last Man Standing and claimed the €600 prize





Notes for September 16th 2014


Ross Mann makes Ireland debut

Notes September 4th 2014

Notes August 27th 2014


For all news on Kilcornan AFC's Last Man Standing follow the links below



Dont forget to check out our facebook page KILCORNAN_AFC_FACEBOOK



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Last Man Standing Online Payment November 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 August 2014 13:13

** Now you can enter online by using the Paypal payment service below **


Simply input your details for a secure one time transaction (Make sure to include your name

in the text box with your contact email or phone number) - If you have a Paypal account you

can also use that


 eg: Joe Bloggs & This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Entrant Name & Email or Mobile





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Last Man Standing GW 3 November 29th 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 August 2014 15:42



GW 3 fixtures below - 

Best of luck all


GW 3

Saturday 29th November 2014

West Brom v Arsenal 12:45
Burnley v Aston Villa 15:00
Liverpool v Stoke 15:00
Man Utd v Hull 15:00
QPR v Leicester 15:00
Swansea v Crystal Palace 15:00
West Ham v Newcastle 15:00
Sunderland v Chelsea 17:30

Sunday 30th November 2014

Southampton v Man City 13:30
Tottenham v Everton 16:00

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Curraghchase Crossroads PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 13:04


As in days of yore, all roads leading to Curragh Chase cross will lead to “Crossroads Dancing” Sunday week. With the return of the popular one man band Micheál Sexton from Clare a fantastic afternoon is sure to be had. When the Guerin family who lived near the venue ran the event they were often duped in payment by holy medals, washers, pebbles and anything else that dropped into their collection. When you come on SUNDAY JUNE 22nd you needn’t adopt any such measures as dancing if FREE from 3pm. As usual Pat & Mary O’Connell will be creating order of chaos as Pat calls the dances. Bí Línn!!


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